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LINK's professional reputation is built on integrity, honesty, uncompromising quality and a passion for bringing businesses and buyers together.

LINK's Business Brokers are committed to helping businesses maximize their value and facilitate a smooth transition period. The Business Brokers manage the negotiations between the seller and buyer, discusses cost-saving measures to preserve businesses and jobs, helps with the completion of a formal contract to buy the business, assists in the due diligence investigation and generally facilitates the entire sale process.

With a strong focus on workplace training and rigid quality control, LINK is established internationally as the authority on selling businesses.

Established in 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand, LINK's success and a strong demand for the high quality of service for which LINK is renowned has led to LINK Business Brokerages opening in Australia, South Africa, the USA and the Philippines. The team at LINK is proud of the company's history and growth and is committed to continuing the tradition of selling businesses, as only LINK can.

LINK's success comes from a commitment to excellence, ongoing training, systems enhancement and retention of high quality expertize. LINK Business Brokers have experience across relevant sectors from franchise and rural business, to retail, services and substantial business. LINK Business Brokers draw from experience in these sectors, offering unique insider knowledge in the business category relevant to you.

LINK in the Philippines is led by Efren Pascual. Efren is a vastly experienced business owner having operated ventures in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing, construction and hospitality sectors. He has owned businesses independently and as a franchisee.

His first-hand experience with Business Brokers when buying and selling his own businesses revealed the valuable support, assistance and services that they provide. He became a LINK Business Broker in Auckland, New Zealand and developed a high level of expertise in guiding business owners and buyers in a wide range of business categories through the acquisition and divestment process. Local community leadership experience and excellent communication skills equip Efren well to relate to people with varying social and cultural backgrounds and at all levels of business management experience.

After fifteen years in New Zealand, Efren returned home to Manila in 2016 to establish the LINK Business Brokerage in the Philippines. Efren is an excellent guide and mentor for the growing team of LINK Philippines Business Brokers and a highly competent and experienced Business Broker for business buyers and sellers.

The most important part of what I do is to LISTEN TO MY CLIENTS . Understanding their objectives empowers me to partner with them to identify the most effective solutions for their business. I'm EXTRAORDINARILY COMMITED to helping the small business owner, unlock their potential, and create the business of their  dreams” –Kris Garcia 
With a solid background in Brand Creation and Build Up, Franchise Infrastructure and Management, and  Business Model Solutions for more than 18 years ,   Kris has become  a strategic thinker, who possess a VALUABLE BLEND OF STRONG ANALYTICAL & PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS. She understands first-hand the challenges facing today’s businesses, and considers it a privilege to help her clients exceed their goals. She crafted 5TH GEAR HOLISTIC BUSINESS STRATEGIES, an innovative yet simple Business Mechanism enabling solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. 5thG is a 21-day Business strategy Session enabling entrepreneurs to clarify their vision for their business and create long-term goals and short-term action plans. Allowing them to explore the right business model for their products & services. Her program has helped numerous small business owners design their brand and determine organizational issues.  This program allowed her clients to plan strategic locations to grow their business and set targeted goals to speed up business growth.

She has mobilized several initiatives from both the private and public sectors to enable significant process flow for small businesses and provide predictive insights to these organizations. As a Consultant, she has leveraged skills  that helped her clients mitigate risk and improve their profitability. For the past 18 years, she has serviced a whole range of industries and sectors, including charities and educational institutions, financial services, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, manufacturing, media and telecommunications, the public sector, retail, manufacturing, and Food & Beverage industries.

Prior to joining LINK, Kris was the Country Brand Consultant and Marketiing Director for a US based Digital Advertising Company who intends to grow roots in the Philippines, a Franchise Consultant for numerous food concepts, cosmetics and beauty services, e-commerce and architectural supplies and services.

And even with her long experience in Business Strategizing, Kris stumbled upon a business process handicap, often neglected but a crucial aspect of every business. An element she thought should be an integral part of every Good Business Plan – An EXIT STRATEGY.  Joining LINK Business Broking Phil. has created a full circle for her career, ushering business owners to their best exit strategy. Equipped with ample experience, Kris now shares the same PASSION with LINK, to help PRESERVE BUSINESSES  and JOBS.  More than the elaborate business theories, Kris Garcia is action-driven. She avoids encapsulating her clients in templates, instead, makes herself an indispensable partner working closely towards achievable goals.

Kris is also a passionate homeschooling mom to her 2 kids and loves to spend time listening to her favorite Diana Krall and Kevyn Lettau Songs  So,go ahead and contact Kris.This is the best time to partner with the best business broker for you .
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